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The Truth in myself

Settings in the circles of primary principles

Settings on the basis of the circles of primary principles focus on the traditional family settings and differ from them in that all missing parts have already a position and energy within this specific circle. The primary principles comprise of all topics of life, be it from the personal, the professional, health or spiritual area. During the working process you can include everything, which was up to now unnoticed, and be rescued from mental burdens. The Truth in myself represents an important contribution to face the challenging daily situations and relationships in all their facets and to get in contact with your own resources, which give security.

With her book Lisa Böhm brings to the point her decades of experience in settings and explains her methods very precise, understandably and easily to follow. It is written for therapists, consultants and interested laymen. It includes instructions for initial single-handedly experience and tabular overviews.

Lisa Böhm was born in 1949. She is non-medical practitioner, since 1994 with her own practice, educationalist, lecturer and author. Practice for systemic consultancy and therapy 1998, acknowledged therapist for systemic settings (DGfS), single working settings, system and potential orientated setting groups, teaching at home and abroad. Many years collaboration with the steering committee of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen (DGfS) and editoral director in the systemic settings practice. She organized the DGfS conference in 2013 and 2015. She lives and works in Munich.



The Man who sold his Shadow

A strange looking, grey haired man offers to Schlemihl, who is truly impoverished, a purse filled with gold, which will never be empty. In turn Schlemihl shall sell his shadow. Schlemihl agrees to this deal. However, soon he must realize that the loss of his shadow also means to be excluded from his social contacts. He will be cheated by a servant and has to do without the love of Mina, because he doesn’t want to sell his soul in addition to his shadow to this strange grey haired man. He destroys the cursed purse and buys a pair of boots from the remaining money, which turn out to be seven-league boots. With their help he lives a lonely life as natural scientist.

A wonderful sad and dramatic fairy-tail, narrated in sensitive and thrilling pictures. A remarkable book about identity and relationships, true and false friendship, the value of inner and outer wealth, about blows of fate and attitudes, about social compulsion and the price of freedom.

Barbara Trestakis was born in 1940 in Flatow. She absolved a training in free-style painting and graphics at the HDK Berlin and at the college in Munich. Afterwards she trained as a costume designer at the master’s school in Berlin. First engagements followed in Bochum and Darmstadt as well as free-lance engagements at the Thalia Theatre, Hamburg; Burgtheater, Vienna; Schauspiel Frankfurt; Schiller Theatre, Berlin; Schau-spiel, Cologne/Bonn; Oper und Schauspiel, Zurich. Since her childhood she has been interested in comics.



Looking for God – Finding Yourself

Experiences with the Bendedictine Laws

This book is a well-founded introduction to the Benedictine spirituality and the life of the Benedictines, Cistercians and Trappists, who live according to the laws of Benedict from Nursia (ca. 480 –547). In addition, it is a very personal account of his life as an »insider«, who from 1966, lived one decade according to the laws of the Cistercians, which have never changed since the 12th century. He was prior and master of the novices as well as a spiritual lecturer with a profound knowledge of the old sources and describes the daily life in the monastery based on the principle of »ora et labora« by means of an autobiographical story.

Bernardin Schellenberger was born in 1944. First he was a novice of the order of St. Francis, before he lived as a Trappist according to the laws of Benedict from 1966 – 1981. From 1975 onwards he was novice master and trained young monks. From 1981 to 1991 he rewrote the experiences of the monks as spiritual advisor for a village commune. Since then he has gained the experience that living according to these laws is also possible outside the monastery. As a freelance author, speaker and course instructor he translates these experiences into impulses for spirituality for all who are interested.


Matthias Hockmann and Bowls Götze

Jonas Hauss (illustrator)



»To-tal-ly-spa-cy«, Collin spells these words into the silence. »Do you also recognize this? Otherwise I’ll have to quit boozing.«

Due to a technical breakdown the time cube gets into the hands of Zetrik Tonello, an unpredictable teenager. For himself and other fellows from the Tridiversum the cube becomes a chance to wipe out their own mistakes. Unfortunately, they have to realize that they might leave time behind due to a leap in time, but not their own pattern of thought and behaviour. Even with a second chance a perfect life seems to be unattainable. With each leap in time the universal time drifts away and the universe is on the verge of collapsing. Infomatrix’s senior staff raise the alarm and try to solve the problem with an absurd bureaucratic effort …

Written in a bizarre, comical and intelligent manner – congenially illustrated! An incomparable pleasure to read for all those, who do not need a leap in time in order to stay young.

Matthias Hockmann, born in 1983, studied law in Osnabrück and Münster. During this period he began to write musical and theatre reviews for the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. He works freelance as a musical project leader at several private schools in Cologne. In his spare time he writes short stories and lyrics and composes. Tridiversum is his first novel.

Cover Benedikt_RGB

Bernardin Schellenberger

Take Care of your Life

Experience spirituality with St. Benedict

»Stay in the presence, and feel its soothing power.«

»It is not you who does the most important things in your life. They just happen to you or descend on you. Thanks to these things you go beyond yourself. This is the aim of spirituality.«

Bernardin Schellenberger transfers these central thoughts and instructions of the Benedictine laws to our era and our lives today. In doing so, he gives explicit suggestions and hints that help us cope with our daily challenges in a better way, as well as to experience more often the sense of belonging, coherence and harmony.

Bernardin Schellenberger was borne in 1944. First he was novice of the order of St. Francis, before he lived as Trappist according to the rules of Benedict from 1966 – 1981. From 1975 on he was lecturer for this issue as master of the novices to young monks. From 1981 to 1991 he translated the experiences of the monks as spiritual advisor to the rural commune. Since then he has gained the experience that life according to these rules is also possible outside of the monastery. As freelance author, speaker and chief of the course he translates these experiences into impulses for spirituality for all who are interested in it.


Besser als Glück

A guide for achieving self-fulfillment in our lives

We are longing for real self-fulfillment. Most of the time we are looking outside of ourselves for it: in prosperity, relationships, profession or in promising dreams of happiness. However, in the course of time we realize again and again that we are getting frustrated by our dreams and expectations. Nobody and nothing is able to give us the desired continuous freedom. The reason for this is simple: Up to now we have been searching only superficially in the essence of our soul.
This book will lead us to an expedition into the depths of our soul. It will not focus on philosophical theories or spiritual ideas. Instead, it will show us how to break our own patterns which make us believe that we are a divided personality who has to strive for achieving happiness and self-fulfillment in the future.Each word, each exercise and everything which can be read between the lines aims at only one single objective: They shall enable us to discover the halcyon peacefulness of life. The true fortune we have been longing for does exist: exactly here, exactly now and it exceeds by far our former expectations of how happiness might look like.

Torsten Brügge
Born in 1968 in Hamburg, since 1998 spiritual teacher leaning on the Advaita-Tradition according to Sri Ramana Maharshi, in 2007 inauguration of his “Praxis für Meditation und Selbsterforschung”, 2010 foundation of Bodhisattva School, for 14 years living and working together with Padma Wolff in Hamburg.


Das Seelenrad des Lebens

Who am I? What am I living for? How do I want to live? What is valuable to me? Using the horoscope wheel – “das Seelenrad des Lebens” – we can follow these questions and investigate our strengths and weaknesses as well as discover our potentials. Our souls are connected to the family system we were born into. This relationship   hinders, but also supports us in returning to our true selves. Sensing and feeling the positions on the “Seelenrad” enables us to perceive the systemic correlations. Following this attitude we will be able to look at things from different perspectives and thus become more independent and free in order to re-orientate ourselves and to follow in a self-confident manner our own, harmonized way. This book is not only the basis of systemic astrology and a workbook, but also helpful for system oriented self-exploration.

Lisa Böhm
Born in 1949, educationalist, teacher, non-medical practitioner with  her own practice since 1994 in Munich. Priorities: Family constellations, systemic constellations (certified according DGfS), psychokinesiology. Training and continued education in the methods of humanistic psychotherapy, psychological astrologer. Many years of experience in meditation practices.

Die eigene Melodie im Rhythmus der Zeit

Das Synchronologikon

A particular melody in the rhythm of time

We are always looking for coherencies in order to understand our world in a better way. Heike Untermoser reveals the synchronicity between the cycles of nature and our own inner and outer processes of development. The so-called 12 archetypes of astrology as well as the 7-year-rhythm-of-life of any individual human being form the framework for numerous connections and analogies which help us to understand ourselves in a better way. These connections and analogies also build the basis for us to discover our own way to better cope with our individual as well as our global challenges and tasks.

Heike Untermoser
Born in 1963 in Villach, Austria. Psychological Astrologist (Dipl. API). For  many years working as an astrologist and lead of past life regression therapy. Training and further education in alternative medicine, astro-medicine and Tarot. Author of numerous professional articles. In 2014 she published her book “Planeten und ihre Entsprechungen” at Chiron publishers. She lives and works in Vienna.


Die Sehnsucherin

A spiritual journey to ourselves

Rita – open-minded and in love with life – works as a successful translator. Since she was a child, she has had intensive dreams. She collects them in a kind of storybook of dreams and is hoping that some day she might understand the meaning of them. One of her dreams came true when she got to know her later husband in Australia and the aborigine “Little John” who helped her to learn that there are much deeper dimensions of life, which were impassible for her up until then. Together with her husband, a dream researcher – and in particular with her husband’s Greek Grandfather, who is a wise and deeply religious “Papous” – Rita does not only decrypt her own dreams but she also receives healing of her soul’s wounds. She discovers her true mission and in her daily prayer to Jesus she finds her way to build up her own “day-to-day” connection to God.

Margareta Seipel
Born in 1971 in Upper Austria, married.
Her main job is her job in the banking industry. For 2 years she interrupted her professional work in order to go on a very personal search to the essence of her soul in a monastery. Since 2012 she has been working part-time as a human geneticist. She lives in Siegsdorf, Upper Bavaria.


Flambierte Rosinen

Manic-depressive – A life amidst of extremes

“I was eager to travel, so I rushed by train to Zurich. Having arrived there late in the evening, I was longing for a shower. However, don’t think that I was willing to wait until I arrived at the hotel! No, it should happen instantaneously – in the shower facilities at the station! I can remember that this venture was really exciting: I had to manage to climb over my walking frame in order to actually fit into the shower cabin. Feeling spick-and-span after the shower I went on to look in a call box for the telephone number of a lawyer I knew from previous times, in order to surprise him spontaneously with my visit. A stupid idea, because I didn’t even know a lawyer in Zurich, in fact I didn´t know anyone at all.”
Borne by merciless honesty and pretty much self-irony, Anne Schätzko portrays the grotesque stories, peculiar meetings and incredible adventures she went through during her manic phases. Also or even exactly because she does not conceal all her heavy and dark depressive phases as well as her many suicidal attempts she survived severely handicapped, her biography bears witness to a courageous woman and her love of life.

Anne Schätzko
Munich citizen, born in 1957, unmarried, no children, graduated chemist. Shortly after she had started working she fell very ill due to her massive psychic instability. In “Flambierte Rosinen”, which is her first book, she describes the ups and downs of her life struggling with the diagnosis “manic-depressive disorder”.



When interpersonal closeness becomes a problem

Beatings, mobbing and weapons in the smokers’ corner – ignorant parents, combat sports, exploiting employers and brothels – problematic relationships and life-threatening surgeries … it was never easy for Dirk Normann to get along with people he conceived to be dangerous. Interpersonal closeness always represented a big problem for him. “I am massively lacking experience in interpersonal relationships. Due to the fact that I always feel the strong necessity of staying independent, I seclude myself from social life. Is that not schizoid?”
“Schizoid” – an ongoing journey of healing.

Dirk Nordmann
Born at the beginning of the 1970’s, he grew up in a suburb of Hamburg. For 15 years he worked as a masseur and medical bath attendant. 2012 he suffered from a fatigue depression. In the frame of his therapy a schizoid personality disorder was diagnosed. He lives together with his transsexual partner in Hamburg.


Be Your Own Home

Give way to your inner voice

From early childhood on we learn how to please others, but at the same time we forget about ourselves.  What do I really want? What is my primary responsibility? What must I do to be true to myself?  We can find answers to all these questions, if we rediscover that our inner voice admits the jumble of our thoughts, images and ideas. Getting into dialogue with our inner voice we can make the right decisions, find solutions to challenges in our daily life, and be our true selves in the company of others. Including detailed exercises.

Angela Giesselmann

For more than 20 years Angela Giesselmann, born in 1963 in Meissen (Westfalen), worked as freelancer in the area of advertising and marketing. In parallel she established herself as a painter with several exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 2000 she has been working intensively at the interplay of body, mind and soul. She has learned several methods to reconcile clients with themselves. She lives in Darmstadt and offers “energetic  coaching”.